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Destiny is something we've invented because we can't stand the fact

everything that happens is accidental.

1/23/06 05:42 pm - Friends Only (/The Music Man)

10/31/05 04:00 pm

HEHE!! I've been tagged by girlfrom10thave to list ten things that bring me to joy!

1.  All of my friends!  When I'm with you guys all of my troubles go away!
2.  My family
3. My twin

4. Watching Conan
5. Doing math I actually understand...it's seriously a lot of fun when you actually know how to do it
6. Listening to Billy Joel
7. Being with my puppy
8. My hair being blow dried the way I want it to without any bumps!
9. The Office
10. I gotta take your last one girlfrom10thave, RAIN!!!

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10/29/05 12:01 pm

God Damnit...I had a whole entry put in and I accidentally click some botton and it goes away. I'm quite bitter about it so don't think that I'm being bitter at you in this entry.

Okay, again, last night was fun...I'm really happy for the football team but I just don't want to play for them anymore. But, yay for them winning. *toasts to the team*

Party was fun! Total of 20 people...it would have been 23 if Katie and Nerger hadn't got lost and if Karm wasn' MIA. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun. Tom and Adam were the best...you guys really crack me up...

Yet, I really loved seeing those Schaumburg kids last night...you know who you are. You guys really bring a smile to my face and we never get to hang out anymore. Ya'll are amazing...how does tonight sound?

Right...tonight...right now though I have frickin apps, practicing, cleaning and a lesson to go to. Then I should be free anytime after 4.

The Weatherman, then we MIGHT make an appearance to Martins party. But I was hoping I'd just hang out with you crazy Schamburg kids. Hmmm...

I wish I had something else to say or show you. I'll take my camera tonight with me and take some wild and crazy pictures. Muahahahaha

10/26/05 09:04 pm

Hi all!

Well, it has been an okay week so far.  *yawns*

Let me just wrap up the weekend.    Friday I....hmm, I don't really remember what I did Friday.  I think I just stayed home and sat on my ass all night watching Criminal Intent and Conan O'Brien.   Saturday me and the scoobies saw Oklahoma at Schaumburg.  Ya'll did great, Brandon was of course my favorite, then Ali Hakim and then Ado.  But uh, your Curly?  Not that strong people, but your Laurie was amazing.  Wonderful singing.

After that we went to Mcdonalds where there was some fat bitch who couldn't wait a few minutes for her 100th Mcflurry...moran.  Then Trace gave us our belated Bday gifts, which I absolutely LOVED!  Thanks so much dude, you're amazing.

Anyway, I just got home from Medinah.  Went with the Aunt and Uncle and the cuz to celebrate bdays and such.  Man do I love my cousin, absolutely hilarious.  He quoted and did physcial gestures from the Star Wars eps....you're awesome Bill, thanks for makin me laugh tonight, I needed it.

Anyway, party at my house Friday night.  I really emphasize night because we have frickin football game.  So I probably won't be home til 9ish.  PLEASE you must all come, and you must all at least ATTEMPT to dress up.  Even if it's a white sheet over your head.  Do it, cause I'll be really pissed if you don't...

Now if ya'll will excuse me, I've got some MAJOR law and order criminal intent to watch.   THERE WERE LIKE SIX EPISODES IN A ROW!!    Oh Goren....*giggles*

10/24/05 04:44 pm

i know i do a lot of these, but, i'm bored!Collapse )

10/20/05 08:25 pm

Wow!!  Hi all!

Yes, it has been a few days.  Shall I updated what has been going on?  Yes?  Okay!

Saturday was homecoming and I had a wonderful time!  A lot better then I was expecting I can tell ya that.  I loved how for about 25 minutes it was all rock and roll.  THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!!  WOo!
After party at Martins was fun.  Zoolander is amazing!

I saw Serenity again.  *giggles at the thought of Mal*
                                 *cries at the thought of Wash*

The school week has been extremely stressful.  And I think I speak for all seniors when I say that.  College apps, putting up with Mr. Seaman every morning, and stupid Ethics!  *massive facepalm*  Oh I do hope I didn't fail.

Batman Begins came out!! YAY!!  I love you Christian Bale...hehe, okay and Cillian.....oh all right and Alfred!

Halloween Party Friday everyone!  My house!  YOU MUST DRESS UP OR YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.  At least put effort into something, even if it's like a doctor or whatever.   DO IT OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN TO THE AMAZING BONHAM HOUSE. 

Oh yes, and apparently we are having a theme.  NEVERLAND! Yes, there will be pirates, GAY pirates, indians, and of course, Tink(yeah Christine!)          So if you would like to be apart of this little theme then go ahead and dress up as something relating to Neverland, if not, thats cool, still dress up as something!! We're already going to have a Phantom!!  Please come!


hehe! Homecoming pictures!Collapse )

10/16/05 04:34 pm

Fred The Turtle. Brought to the Bonham House September 25, 1994 passed away October 15th, 2005. You will be missed Freddy. RIP. Just keep on swimming.

10/13/05 03:59 pm

Keep cool mah babays!!

Hey there.  Weekend was fun.  Mon-wed...eh, not so much.  I visited three colleges and only liked one of them and I'm not even sure if I can get in that one....La Crosse that is...I'ts in Wisconsin!(in british voice...you'd only get it if you saw Love Actually).

Yeah but Superior and Edgewood bit my ass.  It was so damn small, I knew right away when I saw both of them that I'd hate them.  Blah.

Anyway, I got my homecoming dress!!  Yippy Skippy!! Wanna see it?  Of course you do!  hehehe! *twirls*

Ooo...I'll also show you my new camera...I took the pictures on that camera of the dress!! *dances*

Senior Homecoming '05 here we come!


Aint it perrrrty! the camera not the dress, haha just kidding....Collapse )

10/9/05 05:17 pm

HI! Quick update from the bonham cabin!

I won't see ya'll til Thursday or maybe wednesday night. Which makes me EXTREMELY devastated. I miss you guys. Erik, Brandon, Matt, Allison, Michy, Trace...and well, of course the rest. But you guys are my main people.

I'm visiting FOUR colleges in THREE days...Thats why I have to stay in Wisco for much longer. Tomorrow is going to be Superior, Tuesday is going to be Lacrosee, and Wednesday is going to be Edgewood AND Whitewater. AHHH!! I really hate visiting colleges, I never know what to say to those people!

By the way...ya know how we're getting additions on our cabin? IT LOOKS SO PATHETIC!! *cries*

PPPppplease people. I need to know if the 28th will work for a Halloween party!!! I really want to have one!! It's going to be so much fun! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!

Oh yeah!! And congrats to ya'll who made IMEA!!! Brando! Garcia! Christina!! And anyone else! oo yeah!..And me and Meg!! 6th chair orchestra baby yeah!! And meg was the only piccolo player to make it into the band!! HOORAY!


10/6/05 06:31 pm

Ooo!! Hello!   *waves to friends list*

This week is going SO DAMN SLOW.  I feel like today should be Friday...like, we skipped a day and it doesn't seem like we should be going to school tomorrow.   AH!!   I want to kill myself, haha, just kidding....

IMEA went okay.  I did pretty well on everything except my scales...I totally screwed that shit up.  Poop.

I'm going to my cabin tomorrow!!  YIPPY SKIPPY!  It'll be the last time I'll see it as our little cabin, we're getting additions right now...we're adding another level and some other stuff.  *tear*  BUT!  Our additions are going to be rockin.  We're getting some sort of loft thingy AND a perminant TAP in our new BAR!!!  Ahh, quite the Bonham cabin eh? 


Christman Vacation...71 days and counting!

Homecoming is in 8 days...still no dress, riding situations and reservations.  Ha.

The Office was hilarious Tuesday...as usual...I HEART JIM!  *cough and Steve Carell cough*

And I missed Lost...oh well.  I still LOVE Sawyer

Smallville tonight.  Clark......*drools*

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